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December 2008
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dancingselkie [userpic]
Something scary

It has occurred to me that over the past two or three years that most of the emails that my grandmother sends me are forwards. Now some of them are funny - they're jokes, and they're nice. But most of them include some ridiculous "If you send this to *insert ridiculous number here* of people then you will *insert ridiculous promise that can't be kept here* and your life will be wonderful. It kinda makes me sad. I mean. The chain letter. It got really big in the 90s among middle school kids when the internet became very accessible and everyone had AOL except for all the Lenix.

It's a little scary that the trend seems to now not only be 12 to 15 year olds but it has spread to 80 year olds. My grandmother's 82. It's a little nuts.

I have so many more things that would have been better to rant about, but you know... this felt better.

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