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December 2008
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What time will do - really. Looking back on it all, I wish that I could have taken more of it less seriously. There are tendrils of hatred that reach out from some people. I'm not really sure why. Even those who have done wrong to me do not retain a special place of hatred in my heart. I tend to feel nothing for them at all, and when I do, I like to forget the pain that happened and remember that there were good things. I wish that this could happen for others.

Of course, things are much better at this point. I'm not severely depressed as I was for so long. And I'm not making conjecture, it was clinical. Time changes all things, our age, our bodies, our memories. Nothing can escape it. It is the one things that brings me back to a journal - of any kind. I, like everyone, have a hard time not writing as I am in the moment in a journal. So months later, I can look back at the "ridiculous drama" and the love and the annoyance and look more objectively. It's nice. I know that I can be ridiculous and others can too. It's good to read back and realize that.

If no one else looks back at what we've done, I do. I look back and accept where I am today. I've brought myself to this place, and now that I'm here, I'm okay with that.

It's good to grow.

Back December 2nd, 2008 Forward